Rate Schedule

Revised effective 01/01/18

Tax Consultation and Planning –

Initial Meeting                                                               No Charge
Tax Preparation Services –

1040EZ                                                                        Start at $75

1040 with Standard Deduction                                    Start at $100

1040 with Itemized Deduction                                     Start at $175

(One state return included with Federal Return)

Out-of-State/Non-Resident returns                             Start at $50 each

Schedule C (Self-employed/Side business)                Start at $60

(Forms and schedules for business as quoted)

Schedule D (Capital Gain/Loss, Stocks, etc)              Start at $50

Schedule E (Passive Activity – Rental Property)         Start at $45

Trusts/Estates                                                              Start at $150

S-Corps/ Partnerships/LLCs                                      Start at $450

C-Corps                                                                      Start at $600

(Complexity of all business and corporate returns will determine final price)

Tax Research/Consultation                                         $35-75.00 per hour

Client Representation before the Internal Revenue Service –

Initial Meeting                                                              No Charge
Formulating a Plan/Representation                             $ 75.00 per hour (starts at)

Business Entity Selection 

Initial Meeting                                                              No Charge
Subsequent Office Visits                                             $ 35.00
Payroll Services –

Set up account, get Federal and State numbers if needed, set up company direct deposit, set up all employees. $125.00

Monthly: $50 per month for up to 10 employees or contractors, $5 for each additional employee after first 10. Additional states: $15 per month. Printed Checks: $10 per month.

QuickBooks/Accounting/Bookkeeping Services –

Review set up and structure of accounts and items to ensure that accounts are properly designated. Fee $75.00

Monthly: starts at $50 per month or you can pay quarterly at $150.00.

Financial Statements –

Initial Meeting                                                                          No Charge
Subsequent Office Visits                                                        $ 35.00